A.C.M.S. - #0238, U. S. SURVEYORS #10102F
383 Lime Avenue
Grassy Key, Marathon, FL 33050-5729
(305) 743-3368 - CELL (305) 240-4487

March Hare Marine Services, formerly known as March Hare Charters, has been in operation since 1989 with charter operations in Connecticut and the British Virgin Islands. Other services offered include yacht delivery, instruction and marine surveying.
Now located in Marathon, Florida, yacht delivery is conducted on the Atlantic seaboard, Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. Instruction offered includes Vessel Operator Training and Navigation in both introductory and advanced levels. Marine surveys are performed for pre-purchase, valuation, insurance, accident, fraud, commercial and fishing vessels (CFR46).

U.S.C.G. Master's License - 100 ton NCW, with sail and towing endorsements.
U.S.S.A. Master Marine Surveyor with accident investigation and fishing vessel certifications.

A.C.M.S. - Association of Certified Marine Surveyors
- American Boat and Yacht Council
N.F.P.A. - National Fire Protection Association
M.K.M.A. - Middle Keys Marine Association
U.S.S.A. - United States Surveyors Association

The owner, seller and buyer, each have their particular view of the vessel in question. They speak for themselves. A MARINE SURVEYOR SPEAKS FOR THE BOAT!

A marine surveyor inspects a vessel with no preconceived notions regarding the vessel undergoing the survey. The marine surveyor will perform an extensive inspection of the hull, interior and exterior, the mechanical systems and the electrical systems. A marine surveyor's view is governed by the rules and standards set forth by associations such as The United States Coast Guard, The National Fire Protection Association and The American Boat and Yacht Council. These associations have established a set of standards with a primary focus on safety. If the vessel undergoing the survey is not in compliance with these standards, or a departure from these standards has taken place, it is the responsibility of the marine surveyor to report the condition and note the probable impact upon the boat to the person employing the marine surveyor.

U.S.C.G. - The Code of Federal Regulations governs the safe operations of all vessels.

N.F.P.A. - A world leader in providing fire, electrical and life safety to the public.

A.B.Y.C. - Develops the consensus safety standards for the design, construction, equipage, maintenance and repair of small craft.

The marine surveyor's survey is prepared and submitted in good faith. It is a description of the condition of the vessel as found, examined and visible on the date of the survey. The surveyor assumes no responsibility for any defects and shall be held harmless for any subsequent conditions arising. The survey does not guarantee either expressed, or implied, the condition of the surveyed vessel. The survey is prepared solely for the individual commissioning the survey.